Bishop Brannon was educated on DC’s “southside,” graduating from Anacostia Senior High School. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Ministry from the Richmond Virginia Seminary and a Master of Divinity from the Capital Baptist Theological Seminary. In 2020, he completed the Chaplaincy program at the Union Presbyterian Seminary and satisfied his Chaplaincy Internship requirements at the Virginia Commonwealth University the following year.

Bishop has been on the cutting edge of advancing the Kingdom of God since his preaching ministry inception in 1999 at the Springfield Baptist Church, Washington, DC, under the tutelage of the late Dr. L. B. Jones, Sr. He has organized numerous musical as well as ministry-based organizations. His spiritual gifts and educational background, aligned with his musical abilities, have set him apart as a leader, founder and anointed man of God. In 2007 Bishop Brannon and five other persons founded the Standard For Life Church.

Bishop’s assignment is cultivating and inspiring churches, pastors, young ministers, and leaders. He often drives home the point of prayer, praise and worship to his congregation as the vital key to advancing the Kingdom of God. He can usually be found teaching people how to embrace the work of the ministry while freely expressing the outward manifestation of the inward transformation of Christ. In the words of Bishop, “the church should be a place of liberation where H.O.P.E. is reality, and that HOPE is Jesus Christ.”

Terri Brantley

Executive Director of Ministries

Ashley Guyther

Chief Armor Bearor

Todd Cross

Chief of Security

Paula Best

Director of Congregational Life

Marcus Guyther

Music Director

Elaine Davis

Financial Chief Officer


Service Teams

One of the best ways to get involved at Standard is through our local Ministry service teams.

Hospitality Team

This is the team that is one of the heartbeats of our church. Host, Ushers, Culinary Arts, Parking lot Greeters. Email us for more details.

Media Team

This team captures and controls the tech aspect of service and handles our online presence. If this interest you email us.

Music Team

If you are interested in getting involved with the music ministry team please email us.

Fresh Start Team

This team is the first touch of our church into the community. If you are interested please contact us via email.


If you want to serve at Standard and don't quite know where, start here.


m.e.n's Ministry Team

All aspects of this team’s responsibilities consist of ministering, &  educating neighbors. We believe it’s our job to meet with the community about social, spiritual, and economic truths that affect the church and the community.


An effective non-profit board should determine the organization’s mission while simultaneously establishing management policies and procedures. They should make sure the financial and programmatic performance is above the bar. They ensure that adequate human resources, volunteers, staff, and financial resources (earned income, government contracts, grants, and charitable contributions) are available and actively monitored.

We are a 501-C3 Non-Profit Organization. Our governing body is elected as a volunteer board of directors consisting of individuals committed to our church’s mission. This board will consist of at least three people holding the office of President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The governing body of directors has the right to add other directors as it sees fit according to the Bylaws and Constitution of the Standard For Life Christian Church.

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